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Strawberry and mango oat cookies

I just had this published, catered specially for moms who are committed to providing the best nutritional start for their little bubs. It consists of healthy delicious recipes suitable for those 10mths onwards till about 6 year old. They are all tried-and-tested recipes and greatly enjoyed by my little fella and my lovely other half. Due to this, the publishing work and selling and meeting the orders, I'm soooo overdue in terms of my CNY cookies baking. We are about 4 days away from CNY and I haven't gone any ready yet. The only one I baked was all gulfed down by my lovely other half. I even have orders to meet. OMG!!!

For sale at RM15 each. Please email to order.
So today, a lovely Saturday morning, I kicked my butt to make sure I start baking. It got to start. Or else, it will not be done. I have been thinking of baking CNY cookies that are different, not the typical ones that are found outside, and it gotta be something that my son can eats, means it's not too complicated in terms of its ingredients, uses pure stuffs, less sugar. So I baked these, this recipe is a recipe featured in the recipe book, but instead of cranberry, I used dehydrator-dried mango and strawberry. I also put in 2tbsp of oat flour to make up the total flour used.

I'm posting this out cos a friend insists that I show step-by-step photo when I bake. She told me, I dunno what you meant by 'soft and fluffy' for butter. Okay, I guess she's right. So here are some pictorial instructions and tips on baking cookies.

I only needed 2tbsp of oat flour, so I just grind 2tbsp of whole rolled oat using my baby bullet blender.

Note on butter:
1. Please use PURE UNSALTED BUTTER. Not solid vegetable fat. Solid vegetable fat does not hold the shape of the cookies well. Also, salt and additives are usually added into these solid vegetable fat. They tend to alter the taste and texture of the final product.
2. Chop the butter prior to beating them till 'soft and fluffy'. There is no need to melt the butter for this recipe. Just let the chopped butter sits in room temperature (about 20-27degC) for about 15-30min.

Soft and fluffy!
Add in chopped fruits. The original recipe uses chopped cranberries. This time, I used dried mango and strawberry that I made using my dehydrator.

Add in flour and oat flour. Combine till the dough resembles the texture of breadcrumb. Take note. There is no need to melt the butter at this stage too.

Spread the 'breadcrumb' dough on a piece of cling film. Wrap them into a ball. This is to make sure every single part of the dough is infused with the butter. Now you may use the heat from your palm to slightly melt the butter so that it fuse-in with the flour. Again, no need to go overboard. I kept on warning to not melt the butter, cos if you do so, your dough will not be pliable to shape with cookie cutter later on. It would be too soft. If it does become too soft, probably due to your room temperature or your body warmth, place the dough in fridge for about 20-30min and try again.

Add another piece of cling film on top. Roll with a rolling pin or just use anything that can roll to roll the dough to about 0.5cm thickness, or thinner, your choice. Cut the cookies with your desired choice of cookie cutter. I use a strawberry shape in this case to match the content :p

If your dough is very crumbly, your butter may have not been infused thoroughly. Try re-wrap the dough into a ball and repeat the step from above.

I made one panda shape to return credits to this recipe :)

Tada! My strawberry and mango oat cookies for CNY!

I have not shared the recipe of this shortbread cookies here. The recipe is featured in the book: Your Child's Brain Food Meal Plan. To order, please email
But you may find many other recipes for cookies in my blog here. Enjoy surfing!

Please let me know if I have missed out any details in this pictorial instructions on baking cookies.

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