Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My kind of breakfast

The two questions that I get asked most frequently are: (1) What sort of breakfast do you make for your boy? and (2) What do you eat for breakfast? .. If you've been following my blog or my facebook network group Healthy Food for My Baby, I'm sure you won't be deprived of ideas on breakfast for your little one. Now, what do I eat for breakfast? Tadaaa... this is my breakfast platter! 

I'm sorry if this revelation disappoint you, but unfortunately, (fortunate from my perspective), this is my kind of breakfast, almost every morning, if no one invites me out for an indulging breakfast. My usual routines are as such, I wake at about 6:30-7am, prep my son's breakfast cum lunch (check out this blog to ogle on his food), then I get myself ready for the day, and I sit down for a nice me-time enjoying my breakfast while flipping through a magazine or browsing my facebook or instagram feed. 

The orange juice look-alike drink on the right is made up of freshly squeezed juice from half an orange, a tablespoon of RIN enzyme, a sachet of FibreCleanse with half a glass of water. I have been consuming this drink for some time and I felt that it really clears up the complexion, making my skin more radiant. FibreCleanse is a fibre drink fortified with pre- and probiotics and chlorophyll, therefore rendering me more regular bowel movement, which I felt is the reason for the clearer and brighter skin tone. After drinking this FibreCleanse and RIN enzyme drink, I make myself another half a glass of water while at the same time, I dig into my overnight chia seeds oatmeal. 

The recipe for the simple chia seeds oatmeal are:

  • 1 cup of rolled oat, organic 
  • 1 cup of black soya milk, organic
  • 1tbsp chia seeds 

This oatmeal is prepped the night before, combined and mixed thoroughly and kept refrigerated. For more interesting and delicious combo of this recipe, you may refer here

Most of us enjoy eating too much of 'acidifying' foods 酸性食物 these days. As a result, this create an acid ash in our body, allowing for micro-forms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi to thrive in our body, causing problems like recurring infections, poor immunity, allergies, dull skin tone etc. 

RIN Enzyme is super alkalizing, it contains the most complete blend of alkaline-rich foods from Japan that neutralize the damaging acids in our body. I take a tablespoon of RIN enzyme daily coupled with a sachet of FibreCleanse and this combination supports healthy digestion and bowel system. 

Try this breakfast drink and you'll see tremendous results, especially your skin, in just 30 days!

Both RIN Enzyme and FibreCleanse are now available for sale at Just Health. Please call 089 210 620 or email justhealthsandakan@gmail.com for further info.

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