Friday, August 21, 2015

Toddler's book: Library lion 图书馆狮子 by Michelle Knudson

Beautiful and timeless illustrations by Kevin Hawkes. 

I found this story online a few months back right before we were going to a library. I wanted to introduce him what it's like to be in the library. This book was perfect. Both J and I love this heartwarming story. I have been looking for this book since then! I am so glad we finally got this in hardcopy. I know this book will be well-loved and read. It is in Chinese, but it comes with its English version (in a small little booklet) and along with an audio CD that reads it out in both English and Chinese Mandarin. Just get it, read it to your child and you'll know what I mean. Suitable for those aged 2 and above. J is turning 3 soon, I condense the lines and re-tell the story in my own words, while he flips through the beautiful illustrated storybook. 

I am beyond words when come to describe/ review this wonderful book. So I have decided to quote some of the reviews for this book from 

"...has a timeless quality and moral appeal that will assure its place in the future lists of classic storybooks for children" S Allen. 

"This is a simple story of a lion who went to the library. It is funny, well written and the illustrations are some of the best I have seen in sometime now. I have yet a child that did not like and enjoy this one. Even the non-readers like it read to them and enjoy the pictures" Blankenship. 

"In this charming storybook, children will learn that rules are to be followed, but sometimes it's okay to go against them if it's an emergency. The message is presented in a non-frightening manner that will warm children's hearts. We also learn that jealousy can cause problems. The library assistant, Mr. McBee, doesnt care for all the attention the lion has taken from him, and the consequences are laid out when he ignored the lion's pleas for help" C Fixemer. 

I now have 5 new and genuine copies of "Library Lion" 图书馆狮子 by Michelle Knudson in Chinese, hard-copy (全新正版精装版)available for sale, in the form of "Books & Activities Pack RM40" that includes the following: 
  • 1x genuine hard-copy of "Library Lion" in Chinese (New)
  • 1x little booklet of its English version 
  • 1x audio CD (in both English and Chinese Mandarin) 
  • 1x set of materials for lion craft (including orange yarn for lion's mane, water color paint brush, toxin-free washable yellow paint and paper plate) 
  • 1x set of lion counting clip cards 
Price is not inclusive of postage. 

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