Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tot School: Learning to count

Do you know what type of learner are you or your kid? 

Josh is a very "auditory" kind of learner. An auditory learner learn by listening to what others have to say and talking about what they are learning. They remember information by talking aloud and talk to themselves while learning something new. Josh's teacher at his playschool told me that he follows what everyone else says and repeats after them, now this include what teacher and the phonics video says, which explains the reason why he learnt those alphabets in such short time. 

There are three ways kids learn: auditory (by listening), visual (by seeing) and kinesthetic (hands-on experience). Most of them learn by a combination of these styles, but every kid is different and some can be more dominant in a certain style. Josh is quite dominantly an auditory learner. Understanding the types of learning styles will help a parent or teacher to enhance their method of teaching and learning may become easier for the kid. 

I have a feeling that an auditory learner will not love his figures and maths. I am not too sure. Correct me if I am wrong. Knowing that he's an auditory learner, I let him learn his counting the way he does best - by reciting out loud. 

This is a simple bean counting task based on the number shown on the paper cup. First, I ask if he recognize the number on the cup. If he does, I let him place the exact number into the paper cup one by one. If he doesn't, I will let him know and will show him how I transfer the number of beans that goes into the paper cup one by one. 

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