Thursday, December 18, 2014

First visit to fun fair

So there was a fun fair in town, kinda like a temporarily put up mini theme park with rides and games booth. We pass by it every morning I send the lil' fella to his nanny's. He's been telling us, let's go there and have a 'walk walk'. I've been telling him, yea yea.. we will go there, one day. But deep down inside, I felt reluctant to bring him there, cos it's a temporarily made up fun fair, how flimsy are the rides and frames gonna be? Oh well, we had to go cos we still have to fulfill our promises. So we thought, we will just bring him for a walk-around. 

Ahhh... seeing these photos, you'll know we didn't just go in for a walk-around. He went onto the rides, alone. I wasn't too sure how my hubby felt, my heart was pumping fast cos for G sake, there were no height restrictions sort of rules and there wasn't any safety belt on the rides (Okay, for I have allowed him to go onto the rides, I shouldn't be complaining at all.. but .. just saying..). With his height, I doubt he would be allowed to go on. Oh well.. he loved it! It was heart-warming seeing the beam and grin on his little face. I hoped there was fear in him (cos that was his first ride, even though it wasn't a fast spinning one, but it did felt fast to me.. and knowing there was fear in him would make ME felt much better cos there was surely fear in me, worrying that he would stand up half way, wanting to be let out...) .. ah .. but again, maybe I was wrong. He held onto the rail obediently throughout the ride and was seen enjoying every second every moment of his entire ride. He even let go one of his hands half way through the ride, and the worrisome me had to remind him to place his hands back onto the rail. Bless him. 

Twas just a short visit. But it surely was a good one for him. We bought him an helium balloon on way back. He held on tight to the balloon even when going to bed. So the spiderman balloon was floating right next to my pillow at night. Nice!  

Last night, I also found out that my gym acquaintance from back then when I was in KL, Eileen Khoo has passed away at the tender age of 37. I hadn't got the chance to know her properly but she was a lovely and bubbly lass. I'm glad that she now doesn't need to suffer anymore. Eileen babe, rest in peace. 

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then the entire life to forget them. You'll always be in our memmory, dear Eileen. 

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